Canadian Diamond Labroratory


The Canadian Diamond Laboratory (CDL)

The Canadian Diamond Laboratory was created to offer clients a scientific and accurate form of diamond grading. In a world where diamonds are still a mystery to most, CDL simplifies the diamond buying process by providing the highest quality in diamond certification.CDL authenticates and verifies all diamonds by using state of the art instruments and carefully measures each characteristic of a diamond. With a CDL certification, clients can be confident that each diamond is graded to the highest standard in the industry.


What we do ?

The purpose of a diamond certificate is to offer you the highest possible level of security and confidence. It confirms the diamond’s authenticity and describes its essential characteristics. Grading diamonds is not an easy task. It needs to be examined by expert gemologists, under strict lighting and using specific gemological equipment. Diamond Certificates are invaluable documents that show in detail a diamond's credentials. They provide a unique fingerprint of a diamond which is a source of vital information to the trained gemologist, jeweller or consumer. A CDL certificate enables you to buy your diamond with confidence.