Canadian Diamond Labroratory


Canadian Diamond Laboratories Screens all Diamonds using Latest Version of DeBeers DiamondSure.

With advance of technology, a new breed of synthetic diamonds have begun to appear in the market. This new generation of stimulants tends to include bigger sizes and comes in better qualities and colour grades than the original man made diamonds. Notwithstanding these technological advances, CDL uses the latest version of De Beers' DiamondSure synthetic stone detection machine to test all diamonds.
CDL was the first company in Canada to acquire this machine in 2013.
This latest technology is critical because the incidence of synthetic diamonds is becoming a concern for the global diamond industry. CDL uses the machine to verify the natural origin of all diamonds weighing more than 0.10 carat. This gives all CDL certificates, and ultimately the final consumer, an unparalleled level of confidence that will build further assurance in CDL’s Diamond certificates.



How Synthetic Diamonds Are Made

Synthetic diamonds are created out of carbon, using high pressure and high temperature.  
In contrast to naturally mined diamonds, synthetics are made artificially, in laboratory conditions. CVD diamonds can be grown in little as two months. Which means, they are not as rare and precious as real diamonds. Natural diamonds take billions of years to form underneath the earth’s layer.

Difference between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in terms of chemical makeup and physical properties. From a consumer’s standpoint, the main difference between synthetics and natural diamonds is price.

Characteristics of Lab Grown Diamonds (CVD)

It is natural for diamonds to have natural internal flaws, which have developed in the process of formation of the stone. Since synthetic diamonds are created synthetically many of these naturally occurring imperfections can be avoided in the production process. This is why, on average, synthetics have higher clarity compared with most natural diamonds. This is why lab grown diamonds are much cheaper than natural stones.