Canadian Diamond Labroratory


Long Form

Long form: Detailed report containing the 4C’s in addition to table, pavilion depth, pavilion height and crown height measurements


Short From

Short form: Basic certificate containing the 4C’s, clarity, colour, carat weight and cut.

Megascope Reports

To the naked eye, two diamonds sitting next to each other might look the same. However, they could be completely different in cut and precision of the cut. The megascope machine with laser technology allows CDL laboratory to accurately describe every dimension of the cut. If a Diamond Grading Report is the birth certificate of the diamond, then the megascope report is the fingerprint. A combination of these two certificates (in the CDL long form) assures our customers that they are getting all the important data they need to make an educated diamond purchase. mega

Fire Trace

After extensive research and development, CDL uses an instrument that not only measures a diamond and mathematically simulates its light – reflecting properties, but can also determine how much "life" there is in a stone. This tool can be used to sort stones according to the level of their light - reflecting properties, which simplifies matters more for consumers. The Firetrace uses ray tracing technology and provides results for a true way to measure brilliance and fire in the diamond. fire t